The Purity Of Logs

Higher standards = Higher Yield for you

Our passionate pursuit of quality, however, does not end once we have purchased the best hardwood timber. While nearly every one of BLC’s competitors sell their highest quality saw logs to export markets, at Brownlee Lumber, we do things differently. We believe that the best saw logs should be sawn, not exported. Our customers receive the benefit of this quality obsession in each pack of lumber that is purchased from BLC. Our lumber is of a consistently higher quality possessing wider widths, better color, and higher yield – we guarantee it!

Selecting the Best Hardwood Timber

In order to provide you with the consistency you need, we start with the best; and therefore we employ the finest professional foresters who not only manage BLC's own forests, but also actively seek out only the highest quality standing hardwood timber in our tight geographical area to be harvested by qualified personnel assuring you of the finest hardwoods available anywhere.

Single Source Sawmill

Brownlee Lumber’s operation, located in Brookville, Pennsylvania, is situated in the heart of the finest Pennsylvania hardwood forestlands. We source our entire hardwood supply in and around the Allegheny Plateau, home to the Allegheny National Forest. As a single location sawmill, Brownlee Lumber is able to offer lumber with a consistency that is unmatched by our larger competitors. This consistency extends not only to the color, texture, and grain, but to the quality of the manufacturing as well. When purchasing lumber from Brownlee Lumber, our customers can expect to receive a consistently high-quality product each and every time.